At the Blue Angel (Live) 1960 LP and digital download

A live album recorded  early in Noel's career. Quite different from the style of later albums, it shows Noel at a time when he had not really 'found his voice'.

Songs range from calypso numbers, which have aged rather badly, to classic crooning tunes, including one sung as a near-perfect Dean Martin impression.

The album serves as a good example of Noel's career at its earliest stages but highlights how much he would move on as a singer in the next six years.



accompanied by The Barry Morgan Trio
with Fitzroy Coleman (guitar)

Track List:


Devil Fish

What are Little Boys Made of?
Life in London


The Penguin Dance  
San Francisco Bay Blues
Hallelujah I Love Her  So 
The Pig Got up and Slowly Walked Away
Sarra Chi Sa

The Original Talking Blues

Stone Cold Man

Come Dance With Me


Rum and Coca-Cola

Nobody Knows You When You’re Down and Out

Listen to and download the album:

Sleeve Notes:

The son of a famous father. Noel Harrison was born In 1934. 

The decision to make a career in entertainment  was made early for he joined the Ipswich Repertory at I7 years of age. 

His main interest, however, lay in sport and most of the spare time available when he was at Radley was spent ski-ing in Switzerland. 

Such was his skill that he became British Ski Champion in I953 and represented Britain in the Olympics at Cortina in 1956. 

At one time he even declared he would become a racing motorist. During these years, he gave a great deal of time to the guitar  which he taught himself to play and when on holiday on the continent would frequently play and sing for his supper in cafes and restaurant. 

Possibly his biggest break came when he took part regularly in the BBC TV programme “Tonight”. 

Soon after this he embarked on a number of cabaret engagements, the most important of these being at the famous Blue Angel Club where he has appeared on and off with tremendous success for the last I8 months. Noel sings in five languages.

In  1960 the Americans had a taste of his quiet charm and great talent when he scored a big hit on the famous Ed Sullivan TV show.

At the time these notes are being written  he is engaged on a long tour of South Africa and Rhodesia.

This album, which contains folk songs, American blues, Italian and French songs, gives one an excellent opportunity to enjoy this young man’s great versatility.