Variety TV Shows

Between 1958 and 1976, Noel Harrison appeared in and hosted numerous television variety shows in America, Britain and Canada.

The most famous programmes he appeared on included the Ed Sullivan Show, The Andy Williams Show and Johnny Carson's Tonight Show.

His appearances saw him appear alongside such stars as Sir John Gielgud, Ringo Starr and Muhammad Ali.

Listed below are the vast majority of Noel's appearances.

Where they are available, clips of the show are featured.

If you have copies of any of the shows we have listed as missing, please email us to let us know.

Tonight (1958 - 1960)

Noel's first big break in television came on the BBC programme Tonight.

In the show, he sung songs based on topical news stories in a calypso style. His appearances on the programme alternated with the West Indian folk singer Cy Grant.

The 40-minute show went out every weekday between 6pm and 7pm until 1965 and was one of the early forerunners of modern, satirical television shows.

No editions of the show featuring Noel are known to exist.

The Ed Sullivan Show (1960 - 1966)

In on of his earliest American TV appearances, Noel was a guest on the Ed Sullivan Show on January 3, 1960.

During the appearance, he sang a song called I'm On My Way. Other guests on the show that night included Bobby Darin and Connie Francis.

He returned to the show again on June 26, 1960 when the guest star was opera singer and actress Rise Stevens (the two are pictured together here in a publicity shot for the show).

His next appearance was on November 13, 1966, when he sang the Bob Dylan song Mr Tambourine Man from his 1966 album Noel Harrison as well as the music-hall song, My Old Man.

A number of episodes of the Ed Sullivan Show have been released on DVD, but not the ones featuring Noel.

The Tonight Show (1962 - 1971)

Noel made a number of appearances on Johnny Carson's Tonight show, including one key appearance where he was noticed by the producer of the Girl From U.N.C.L.E., Douglas Benton, and chosen to play the part of Mark Slate in the upcoming series.

He also appeared on the show on December 30, 1966 with his Girl From U.N.C.L.E co-star Stephanie Powers and made eight appearances between 1962 and 1971.

Many episodes of the Tonight Show have been released on DVD, but unfortunately none which Noel appeared in.

That's For Me (1965)

Noel appeared on this British show on March 15, 1965.

Other guests included comedian Dave Allen, jazz singer Dorothy Mazukaand and actor Tommy Eytle.

No footage of the show is known to exist.

Hullabaloo (1965 - 1966)

Noel appeared on the American music show Hullabaloo on  March 14, 1966 with The Mammas and the Papas and Dionne Warwick, on  October 25, 1965 with Petula Clark and Nancy Sinatra
and on April 27, 1965  with The Ronettes and The Hollies

For more details and to see video clips of Noel performing on the show, go to its dedicated page.


The Mike Douglas Show (1965 - 1973)

Noel Harrison made regular appearances on America's Mike Douglas Show and even co-hosted some episodes.

He is pictured here in a publicity shot for his October 1972 appearance.

For more on Noel's appearances on the programme, go to its dedicated page.

The Merv Griffin Show (1965 - 1967)

Noel appeared twice on the American chat show hosted by Merv Griffin.

His first appearance on October 8, 1965 was alongside Playboy founder Hugh Hefner.

His second appearance came on March 15, 1967 as part of the 45th Annual Gold Medal Photoplay Awards, which was hosted by Griffin.

The awards, organised by film magazine Photoplay, saw Noel nominated for most promising new male star. He appeared at the ceremony alongside his Girl From U.N.C.L.E. co-star Stefanie Powers. 

While some of the Merv Griffin shows have been released on DVD, the ones featuring Noel have not.

Shivaree (1965 - 1966)

Noel appeared twice on the ABC music show, Shivaree, which was hosted by DJ Gene Weed.

In his first appearance on November 20, 1965 he sang The Future Mrs 'Awkins, and the single Barbara Allen. Other guests on the show that day included Gerry and the Pacemakers.

Returning to the show on January 29, 1966, he sang The Future Mrs 'Awkins again, this time with the Bob Dylan song, One Too Many Mornings, which had been released as the b-side to the single Barbara Allen.

For more details, go to the show's dedicated page.

Hollywood A Go-Go (1965)

Noel only appeared once  on the American music show, Hollywood A Go-Go.

During his appearance on November 20, 1965 he sung his single, A Young Girl and the b-side, The Future Mrs Awkins.

Other guests on the show that day included Jackie Wilson.

To watch Noel on the show, go to its dedicated page.

Kraft Summer Music Hall (1966)

The Kraft Summer Music Hall was launched in 1966 as a summer replacement for The Andy Williams Show on the NBC network in America.

The show, which was sponsored by cheese makers Kraft, was hosted by singer John Davidson and Noel Harrison appeared on August 22, 1966.

During the show, Noel performed a number of songs with Davidson as well as an incredible version of God Bless the Child from his Noel Harrison album.

For more details, see the show's dedicated page.

The Lloyd Thaxton Show (1966) 

Noel only appeared once on America's Lloyd Thaxton Show, singing his 1966 single Marieke and the b-side The Man Behind The Red Balloon.

The show is the only known time Noel performed the two songs live, but no footage is known to exist.

The Andy Williams Show (1966 - 1967)

Noel appeared twice on  the Andy Williams Show, first on December 11, 1966 when he performed the single In a Dusty Old Room and a duet of The Future Mrs Awkins with Williams

In a Dusty Old Room  was not included on an album until Decca released the compilation The World of Noel Harrison in 1969.

The Future Mrs Awkins was the b-side to the 1965 single A Young Girl.

Noel's second appearance on the show was on February 19,1967 when he sang his popular single, Out for the Day.

Unfortunately, neither of the episodes have been released on DVD.

For more details and to see clips, visit the show's dedicated page.

Where The Action Is (1966) 

On the December 20 edition of the long-running American music show, Where the Action is, Noel performed his single, In a Dusty Old Room.

He had also performed the song on the Andy Williams Show earlier in the same month.

His performance on Where the Action Is is not believed to exist on film.

Go!!! (1967) 
Billed as "A tuneful, jet-paced projection of what's happening tomorrow!", Noel featured in the one-off American special Go!!!, which was broadcast on April 23, 1967.

Other performers on the show included Herman's Hermits and Buffalo Springfield.

The programme, which was sponsored by Pepsi, was hosted by film stars Debbie Reynolds and Ryan O'Neal.

Noel is pictured here in a publicity shot from the show with both Ryan O'Neal and Peter Noone from Herman's Hermits.
No film footage of the show is known to exist.

The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour (1967)

Noel appeared twice on the American TV show, The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour in 1967, first on June 11 and then again on October 1.

During his appearance on June 11, he sang the song The One on the Left is on the Right with  Dick and Tom Smothers and they joked with him about the recent cancellation of his TV show, the Girl From U.N.C.L.E.

In the edition of October 1, Noel performed a very strange sketch about a man who is obsessed with tomatoes.

Edited versions of both shows are available on bootleg DVDs.

Spotlight (1967)

The variety show, Spotlight, was broadcast in both Britain and America.

Noel featured in an episode which was first broadcast on October 8, 1967.

Other guests on the show included British comedian Benny Hill and singer and actress Abbe Lane.

Noel is pictured here with Lane in a publicity shot for the show. Footage of the programme is not known to exist.

A copy of the programme exists in the British Film Institute's archive.

The O'Keefe Centre Presents: The Rock Scene - Like It Is! (1967)

A one-off Canadian music show hosted by Noel.

Guests included the likes of Jefferson Airplane and Dionne Warwick, but the show became well known for an appearance by The Doors, where the group played a fantastic version of The End.

Noel did not sing on the show, but between the acts he spoke about modern pop music, it is however worth noting the somewhat unusual script was written for him.

The O'Keefe Centre in Toronto, Canada is now known as the Sony Centre for the Performing Arts.

The Hollywood Palace (1967)

During two appearances on the American variety show, The Hollywood Palace, Noel Harrison appeared alongside British singer Petula Clark, actress Lynn Redgrave and singer Ethel Merman.

He performed a number of songs on the show, including Suzanne and Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.

To watch Noel on the show, go to its dedicated page.

The Jerry Lewis Show (1968 - 1969)

Noel appeared several times on The Jerry Lewis Show.

He first appeared on January 23, 1968 then on December 17, 1968 and then again on February 28, 1969

The hour-long variety show aired on the American NBC network from 1967 to 1969.

To watch clips from the programme, go to its dedicated page.

The Dick Cavett Show (1968 - 1970)

Noel appeared three times on Dick Cavett's chat show.

His first appearance was on March 13, 1968.

Subsequent appearances came on May 17, 1968 and June 9,1970 when one of his fellow guests was actor Telly Savalas.

Some episodes of the show have been released on DVD, but not the ones featuring Noel.

Noel Harrison is Where the Girls Are (1968)

A one-off American TV special, hosted by Noel on April 23, 1968.

The programme's guests included Cher and the Byrds as well as singer Barbara McNair and comedian Don Adams.

For more details, and extra clips from the show, go to its dedicated page.

The Shirley Bassey Show (1968)
Promo photo from The Shirley Bassey Show September 13, 1968. With guitarist Laurindo Almeida.

Noel appeared on the September 13, 1968 edition of the Shirley Bassey Show.

To see clips from the show, go to its dedicated page.

The Beautiful Phyllis Diller Show (1968)

Noel appeared alongside film star Maureen O'Hara on the November 17, 1968 edition of the Beautiful Phyllis Diller Show.

During the comedienne's show, Noel took part in a number of sketches, including an airport sketch where he and Phyllis tried to smuggle a valuable egret feather out of the country and a musical number about the dictionary pioneer, Noah Webster (Noel is pictured here in a publicity photograph from the show). 

An audio recording of the programme is known to exist in a private archive.


Playboy After Dark (1969 - 1970) 

With Model Dolly Read on Playboy After Dark: 1970
During two appearances on the American l
ate night music show, Playboy After Dark, Noel performed the title track from his album The Great Electric Experiment is Over as well as one more album track, Hello Sun, and one song, In My Time, which he wrote, but never included on an album.

He appeared on the programme, which was hosted by Hugh Hefner, first on March 22, 1969 alongside the Grateful Dead and then again on April 21, 1970 when the other guests included Smokey Robinson and the Miracles.

He is pictured here with Playboy Playmate Dolly Read in a publicity shot from the show.

Noel's performances from the show are included on the Playboy After Dark Volume 2 DVD, which is available from Amazon.

Top of the Pops (1969)

After the Windmills of Your Mind entered the British charts, Noel appeared on the long-running
BBC chart show, Top of the Pops, performing a live version of the song.

The performance was broadcast on March 27, 1969.

Also appearing on Top of the Pops on the same day were The Who with a version of their song Pinball Wizard.

The episode was hosted by Radio 1 DJ Stuart Henry. Noel's performance was repeated in the Top of the Pops shows broadcast on April 10, 1969 and April 24, 1969.

The performance is the only surviving live footage of Noel singing his biggest hit at the time of its release.

The Rolf Harris Show (1969)

With The Windmills of Your Mind riding high in the charts, Noel appeared on the prime-time variety show hosted by Australian entertainer Rolf Harris on March 29, 1969.

Other guests on the programme included singer Nana Mouskouri.  A copy of the programme exists in the British Film Institute's archive.

Scott (1969)

Noel appeared on the fourth episode of Scott Walker's BBC music show, Scott, which ran for just six weeks in 1969.

During his appearance on April 1, 1969, Noel sang his hit, The Windmills of Your Mind.

Unfortunately, after broadcast, the BBC wiped the tapes, although audio recordings of the show still exist.

The live recording of the song is only the second known to exist from the 1960s.
To listen to Noel's live performance of The Windmills of Your Mind from the show, and Scott's introduction, click on the player below.

Spring Thing (1969)

On April 28, 1969 Noel hosted an hour-long TV special with singer-songwriter Bobbie Gentry (the two are pictured here in a publicity photo for the show).

Guests on the programme included Shirley Bassey and Goldie Hawn.

For more information, go to the show's dedicated page.

Jimmy Durante Presents The Lennon Sisters (1969)

In only the second episode of the American TV show, Jimmy Durante Presents the Lennon Sisters, Noel featured as a guest, singing the title track from his 1969 album The Great Electric Experiment is Over.

During his appearance on September 26, 1969, he also sang a duet of the Burt Bacharach song, I'll Never Fall in Love Again, with Kathy Lennon.

The Lennon sisters were a pop group who had a number of hit records while Jimmy Durante was a popular American comedian and singer between the 1920s and 1970s..

To watch more clips from the show, go to its dedicated page.


Something Else (1970)

Noel appeared on the American music show Something Else twice.

During his appearances on the programme, which was hosted by comedian John Byner, he performed songs including Show Me the Way to Go Home, Another Song to You and Ring Around the Rosie Rag.

The songs were recorded as music videos rather than live performances.

To watch more, go to the show's dedicated page.

The David Frost Show  (1970 - 1971)

Between 1970 and 1971, Noel appeared on the David Frost Show three times.

The show saw British TV presenter and journalist, David Frost, move to America to interview some of the top celebrities and politicians of the time.

Noel appeared on the show on February 3, 1970, July 9, 1971 and December 24, 1971.

The shows are not available on DVD.

The Harry Secombe Show  (1970)

Noel appeared on Goon Show star Harry Secombe's show on September 19, 1970.

Unfortunately no tapes of the show are known to exist.

Cilla (1971)

Noel featured alongside Beatles member Ringo Starr on the February 13, 1971 edition of the BBC programme Cilla.

The show was hosted by Liverpudlian singer and TV star Cilla Black.

Several episodes of the show still exist, but unfortunately not the episode featuring Noel.

Stars on Sunday (1971)

Noel appeared several times on the ITV religious variety programme, Stars on Sunday, which was watched by as many as 17 million people a week in Britain between 1969 and 1979.

On the April 4, 1971 show, he appeared alongside James Mason and in later episodes was on the programme with Sir John Gielgud, Douglas Fairbanks, Gracie Fields and Rolf Harris.

No tapes survive of the episodes Noel featured in.

Vera Lynn (1971)

Noel appeared on Vera Lynn's BBC variety show on March 25, 1971.

Other guests on the show included The Bachelors. The series ran from 1969 until 1972.

A 16mm black-and-white film print of the show is believed to exist.

The Leslie Crowther Show (1971)

Noel appeared in the April 8, 1971 episode of the Leslie Crowther Show.

The British show, which was hosted by the Crackerjack and Price is Right star, Leslie Crowther, only ran for one series. 
Tapes of the programme no longer exists.

The Dickie Henderson Show (1971)

Noel appeared only once in this show hosted by British comedian Dickie Henderson.

One of the other guests on the April 16, 1971 show was Veronica Clifford  who went on to play Mrs Mason in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.

A tape of the show is believed to exist in the production company's archives.

The Val Doonican Show (1972)

Noel made one appearance on the Irish crooner's long-running BBC show on April 15, 1972.

It is not known which songs he performed, but a tape of the show exists in the British Film Institute's archive.

Doonican later recorded his own version of Noel's biggest hit, The Windmills of Your Mind.

Take Time with Noel Harrison (1974 - 1976)

Promotional picture c.1975
While he was living in Canada, Noel recorded his own television show which featured some of the country's top musical artists.

The 30 minute Saturday afternoon show ran on the CBC network for two series.

It featured guests including Tommy Maken and Brent Titcomb.

Noel is pictured here in a publicity shot from the programme.

No footage of the show is known to exist.