Noel made three appearances on the American music show Hullabaloo between 1965 and 1966, performing alongside artists such as The Mamas and The Papas, Dionne Warwick and Petula Clarke.

The show was released on DVD in 2000, but became quite rare, resulting in prices shooting up to about $100 per copy.
But in 2009, the series was re-released, bringing prices down. Because of this, some of the Noel Harrison clips which were featured below have now been deleted.

For a good price on the DVDs go to Amazon. Noel is featured on the first two collections.

Mrs Brown You've Got a Lovely Daughter

Noel's first appearance on Hullabaloo was on April 27, 1965 when he sang the single Barbara Allen and a song called Mrs Brown, You've Got a Lovely Daughter, which was a hit for Herman's Hermits at the time. The appearance was not included on the Hullabaloo DVDs.

A Young Girl

On his second Hullabaloo appearance on October 25, 1965, Noel sang the Charles Aznavour song, A Young Girl, which he released as a single the same year.

In this clip, he is introduced by that week's host, Petula Clark, who had just had a hit with the song Downtown.

Knees Up, Mother Brown

Immediately after Noel finished singing A Young Girl, he joined Petula Clark to sing the old-time music hall song, Knees Up, Mother Brown.

Baby Blue

On Noel's third visit to the show on March 14, 1966, he sang his version of the Bob Dylan song (It's All Over Now) Baby Blue, which Dylan had recorded in 1965 for the album Bringing It All Back Home and Noel covered for his 1966 album Noel Harrison.

The host is Jerry Lewis's son, Gary, who had a pop career with Gary Lewis and the Playboys.