The Shirley Bassey Show (1968)
Promo photo from The Shirley Bassey Show September 13, 1968. With guitarist Laurindo Almeida.

Noel Harrison appeared on the September 13, 1968 edition of the Shirley Bassey Show.

Video of the show is now only available on a very rare bootleg DVD.

Other guests on the hour-long show included Jimmy Durante and guitarist Laurindo Almeida 

(Noel is pictured here in a publicity shot for the show with Bassey and Almeida).

In Your Childhood

In this clip, Noel sings 'In Your Childhood' from his 1968 album Santa Monica Pier.

Other songs performed by Noel during his solo slot on the show included Santa Monica Pier and the French song, Madeline.

During the show, Noel also performed a number of duets with Shirley Bassey, including 'Gee, it's Good to See You', 'So, What's New', 'Walking Happy' and 'Just one of the Guys'.

As the introduction number to the show, Bassey sang Walking Happy and was joined on-stage by Noel.

Bassey also performed the songs 
Goldfinger and The Impossible Dream.