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Last Word: Noel Harrison

BBC Radio 4's obituaries programme, Last Word, paid tribute to Noel Harrison on Sunday, October 27, 2013.

Using audio clips provided by www.thewindmillsofyourmind.com, the show highlighted Noel's appearances on programmes such as The Andy Williams Show and Jimmy Durante Presents the Lennon Sisters as well as his music career.

The show also featured tributes to sculptor Sir Anthony Caro and comedian Felix Dexter. To listen to the full show, visit the BBC's website here.

Or, to listen just to the section of the programme about Noel, click on the player below.


News: Noel Harrison's final interview published

The last interview given by Noel Harrison before he died has been published in the November 2013 edition of the magazine, Devon Life.

In the two page article, which was printed just before news of Noel's death was announced, the singer looks forward to his 80th birthday and discussed his plans for a forthcoming album.

In his poignant final comment in the article, Noel said: "I look back on my life in general and feel quite happy about the way it's gone. I've been very lucky and done some wonderful things. But I'm not hung up on the past."

The article also includes wonderful pictures of Noel taken in his Devon home by photographer Matt Austin. To see more of his photographs, click here.

To read the article online, click here and turn to page 106.

Tributes paid to Noel Harrison
The vast majority of Britain's national newspapers have run lengthy tributes to Noel Harrison, who died of a heart attack on Sunday, October 20, 2013, aged 79.

Countless international newspapers and websites have also written tributes to Noel.

A full list of the tributes will be compiled here at a later date, but below are a collection of on-line reports.

BBC Radio Devon also ran a tribute to Noel on Wednesday, October 23.

The 25 minute show, presented by Judi Spiers, contained an interview the broadcaster had originally recorded with Noel in 2008.

During the interview, Noel looks back at his early career, his time growing up in Cornwall and his relationship with his father, Rex Harrison.

He also plays a beautiful live version of Ralph McTell's song, Lunar Lullaby, which he had recorded for his album Hold Back Time in 2003.

To listen to the show, just click on the player below.

(If the player looks like a blank grey box, click here and it should re-load)


Noel Harrison: 1934 - 2013
Noel Harrison has died aged 79. 

The Press Association reported that Noel had a heart attack at his home in Ashburton, Devon on Saturday, October 19 after performing at the village of Black Dog in Devon earlier that night.

He died several hours after suffering the heart attack, after being taken to hospital.

The Press Association said Noel's wife, Lori, had told them Noel's gig at Black Dog had been extremely successful, but that he had had a long drive home and was exhausted when he returned.

She added: "He will be loved and missed by more people than I ever knew.”

Reacting to the news on Twitter, Noel's Girl From UNCLE co-star, Stefanie Powers, said: "My darling friend Noel Harrison passed last night. Let us all light a candle to speed him on his way - he deserves to fly with the angels."
Music legend, Van Dyke Parks, who worked with Noel on the Murder in China Basin film soundtrack added: "Sad news, Noel Harrison has left us. Beloved friend."
Noel's final interview was with the magazine, Devon Life, to read extracts from their article, click here.
More details will be posted here when we have them.


News: New Archive

A selection of newspaper cuttings from Noel Harrison's own archive has now been put on the site.

The cuttings were collected by an American fan of Noel's during the 1960s and given to the singer.

They feature stories about Noel's career in the States as it blossomed in 1966 and 1967.

Also included in the library is a 2011 feature about Noel's music career which was written in collaboration with www.thewindmillsofyourmind.com.

To get into the library, click here.


News: New Album

Noel Harrison has released a new album. The record, which came out at the beginning of 2013 is called Six Songs.

Instead of being released under Noel's name, the album, which has a country feel, is credited to the fictional country group, Tex and CP, with Noel taking the name Tex Harrison as a reference to his father, Rex.

To read about the album and hear a track from it, go to its dedicated page.

News: One million views!
The Youtube video of The Windmills of Your Mind has now been viewed by more than one million people across the world.
The high quality video of Noel Harrison's performance on Top of the Pops in 1969 was posted online by www.thewindmillsofyourmind.com in March 2010. It hit one million viewers in February 2013.
Most viewers (480,000) were in Britain although the top 10 included people in America, France, Germany, Russia, Canada, Australia, Ireland, Spain and Italy.
Viewers' comments about the song included: "Everything is just lovely, the lyrics and the music are genius", "Love this song, absolutely beautiful" and "I can't stop listening to this song, great performance!".
Reflecting on the song's return to popularity in recent years, Noel said: "It's an extraordinary song, that seems to reach across the generations. I've been singing it all the time in my act, and I've never got tired of it."

News: New Windmills recording

A new live version of Noel Harrison performing his hit song, The Windmills of Your Mind, in 1969 has been acquired by www.thewindmillsofyourmind.com.
The tape is from the April 1, 1969 edition of the BBC music show, Scott, which was hosted by singer Scott Walker (pictured far right).
The live recording of the song is only the second known to exist from the 1960s.
Noel appeared on the fourth episode of Scott, which ran for a total of six weeks. Unfortunately, after broadcast, the BBC wiped the tapes, meaning no video of the show exists - but audio recordings were made.
Scott Walker originally found fame as one of the Walker Brothers, but later went on to have a successful solo career.
To listen to Noel's live performance of The Windmills of Your Mind from the show, and Scott's introduction, click on the player below.



News: Album re-release

In a surprise move, Hallmark Records has re-released Noel Harrison's first album, At The Blue Angel.

The live record, which was first released in 1960, is now available as a digital download. 

Tracks featured on the album include Noel's interpretation of the songs San Francisco Bay Blues and Nobody Knows You When You're Down and Out.

To listen to clips from the album go to the At the Blue Angel page.

The move follows the re-release of Noel's three Reprise albums, Collage, Santa Monica Pier and The Great Electric Experiment is Over, in 2011.


Live video:
On April 13, 2012, Noel Harrison performed at the Barbican Theatre in Plymouth with Phil Rossiter.
During the show, one audience member recorded this video of Noel singing The Windmills of Your Mind.
While the video's picture quality may not be great, the audio is thanks to the combination of Noel's voice and Phil's subtle backing on guitar.

New song:

Noel Harrison has recorded a new song as part of the annual RPM Challenge, an online competition which encourages musicians to record new songs from scratch during the month of February.
In 2010, he made the album From the Sublime to the Ridiclious! as part of the challenge.

For 2012, he has recorded just one track, the humorously titled The Rolls Royce of my Mind.

To listen to the song click on the player below or visit Noel's page on the RPM site.

(The artwork was put together by us by the way, for a bit of fun!)


News: Magazine features
A six page feature about Noel Harrison was included in the November, 2011 edition of Shindig magazine.

The article was written for the magazine, which specialises in music from the 1960s, in collaboration with www.thewindmillsofyourmind.com.

It features a number of new revelations about Harrison's life and music, including his view on how drugs impacted on his music and his move into script-writing for pornographic films in the 1990s. 
The magazine was published on November 24, 2011. To read the feature, go here.

An article about the recording of The Windmills of Your Mind was also featured in the second edition of Mojo 60s magazine, which is again a magazine which focuses on music from the 1960s.

News: The Girl From U.N.C.L.E. released on DVD

The Girl From U.N.C.L.E. television show, which Noel Harrison starred in during the 1960s, was finally released on DVD on August 23, 2011.

The programme, which was a spin-off from the popular Man From U.N.C.L.E. TV series, was launched in 1966 and ran for just one season.

Despite continuing his television acting career until the 1990s, The Girl From U.N.C.L.E. remains Noel's most well known TV role.

The series is available to buy directly from Warner Brothers here

Unfortunately, the programmes have not been remastered for the DVD release and the series is only available to buy in America, at a cost of $60.

For more information on the series, go to the Girl From U.N.C.L.E. page.

News: Noel Harrison live at Glastonbury 2011 

Noel Harrison was recorded by the BBC at the Glastonbury festival on Saturday, June 25, 2011 performing his biggest hit, The Windmills of Your Mind. The performance was labelled 'delightful' by the Daily Telegraph newspaper.
Noel made two appearances during the festival, on the Spirit of 71 stage.
Discussing his Glastonbury appearance before the show, he said he hoped to pass on to the younger
generation the spirit of the
1960s, which led to his decision to leave Hollywood and seek the simpler life in Nova Scotia.
He said: "I'm very honoured to be asked to do the festival. I only hope I can live up to it. There definitely will be a sense of the older generation passing on the flame to the younger one. I want to evoke the sense of idealism that led me to take off, trying to seek out a simpler life. I'd like to pass it on in what I sing and play."
To read two newspaper articles where Noel discusses the build-up to the festival, go here and here.


EXCLUSIVE: Reprise albums re-released
On April 12, 2011, Reprise Records re-released Noel Harrison's 1960's albums, Collage, Santa Monica Pier and The Great Electric Experiment is Over, as digital downloads.
Unfortunately, there are no current plans to release the three albums on CD, but their digital release means 17 tracks from the three albums which were not included on Rhino's 2003 compilation, Life is a Dream, are now widely available again for the first time since their initial release.
To listen to the albums and download the tracks, go to the Collage, Santa Monica Pier and The Great Electric Experiment is Over pages.
Because of the move by Reprise, preview tracks from the three albums which were previously available on this website have now been deleted.
The petition set up by www.thewindmillsofyourmind.com calling for the albums to be re-released has also been closed.

News: Windmills back in the charts!

After being featured in a series of adverts for BT Vision in the UK, Noel Harrison's most famous song, 1968's The Windmills of Your Mind, re-entered the charts.

On January 4, 2011, the track was at number six in the iTunes Rock chart, just ahead of Hey Jude by The Beatles.

After hearing about the song's re-entry into the charts, Noel told www.thewindmillsofyourmind.com he was delighted it was proving to be popular again.

He said: "I'm absolutely thrilled to learn Windmills is back on the charts after more than 40 years."

Paying tribute to the song's writers, he added: "Michel LeGrand is briliant and Marilyn and Alan Bergman are true poets."

The song was last in the British singles chart in 1969 when it peaked at number eight. To read more about the song, go to the Windmills of Your Mind page of this site.

To download the song go to Noel's page on iTunes.


News: Australian radio special

Noel Harrison's music was the subject of a two hour special on the Australian radio station 88.3 Southern FM on Wednesday, 17, November 2010.

During the Purple Haze show, a range of Noel's music was played, taking in the majority of his albums from the 1960s up to the present day.

Noel also gave a lengthy interview by phone from England and revealed he has been back in the studio in the past few days recording new material, including some country songs under the name 'Tex Harrison'.

The show, hosted by Nick Black, is due to be put on the radio station's website as a podcast soon. Because of its popularity, it was also  re-broadcast on Southern FM on Saturday November 27.
To listen to an edited version of the show, featuring just the interview with Noel, click on the gadget. The track lasts about 35 minutes.

New Album: Out now!

Noel Harrison has released a new album, which was made available to download free from March 1, 2010.

Noel recorded the album, From the Sublime to the Ridiclious, as part of the RPM Challenge, an internet event which challenges musicians from across the world to record an entire album from scratch during the month of February.

He said: "My son Will talked me into it. He has done it for the last two years. “You can do it, Dad!”, he ordered. I’m glad I did now, though there were moments when I considered using senility as an excuse to quit."

Following the rules of the RPM Challenge, the album has 10 tracks, although Noel has said he will produce a longer version with added musicians later in the year.

To listen to the album go to Noel's page on the RPM Challenge website. To download the tracks, you will need the Real Player installed on your computer.

Noel's son's, band, Highway Robbery, also recorded an album as part of the challenge, their tracks can be found here.



News: BBC radio show 

During a live interview with BBC Radio Devon on Monday May 11, 2009, Noel talked about everything from beekeeping and Steve McQueen to the new album he's working on and his life as a celebrity in the 1960s.

He also performed his new song, The Wind Blows Up My Trousers, and was interviewed for a separate article on the BBC's website, which can be found here.

To listen to the radio interview, click on the gadget. 


News: Radio special
Noel Harrison performed a live session on the Devon radio station, Soundart Radio on March 18, 2009. During the show, which was hosted by Noel fan Merlin, Noel revealed he is working on a new album. He also played a new song which he only wrote a few months ago and sung the classic track, The Windmills of Your Mind.
To listen to the 50 minute show, click on the gadget below.

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