Noel Harrison

The Windmills of Your

Tex & CP: Six Songs (2013)


The album Six Songs, as the name suggests, contains six songs by Noel Harrison, all of which were recorded during 2012 and released the following year.

It was made with Exeter-based musician Phil Rossiter on backing vocals and guitar. His performance adds a depth to Noel's music not seen on his previous album, From the Sublime to the Ridiclious, where Noel performed solo.

The record also has more of a country feel than Noel's previous work, leading to the name of the spoof country band, Tex & CP - with Noel's country music name, Tex Harrison, chosen as a reference to his father, Rex.

All six tracks on the album are as good as anything Noel recorded in the later part of his career, with stand-outs including the Ralph McTell song 'Moon, June and a Cajun Tune' and Roy Orbison's Blue Bayou.

It also features a new recording of Noel's own 2010 track, 'Pre Alzheimers Old Timers' Old Time Song', which first featured on From the Sublime to the Ridiclious.

Track List:

Blue Bayou

Pre Alzheimers Old Timers' Old Time Song

Moon, June and a Cajun Tune

Bartender's Blues

Adios mi Corazon

The Real Deal


Watch Noel Harrison and Phil Rossiter perform The Windmills of Your Mind at the Barbican Theatre in Plymouth on April 13, 2012.

Cover Photo:

This picture of Noel and Phil with their guitars was used as the cover photo for the album.