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Radio Programmes

During his long career, Noel Harrison was interviewed on the radio countless times.

The interviews usually focused on his music career, but his relationship with his father, Rex Harrison, was also a regular topic for discussion.

Collected below are a number of radio programmes from 2009 to 2014 which either feature Noel or are about him, .

The collection includes a number of tribute programmes which were aired following Noel's death in October 2013.

Noel Harrison with some of his records in 2011. Picture by

Soundart Radio: Tribute to Noel Harrison (2014)

Devon-based community radio station, Soundart Radio, aired a tribute to Noel Harrison on March 23, 2014.

The special guest on the programme was Noel's son, Will, who reminisced about his childhood growing up with Noel and talked in depth about his father's career.

Will, who is a musician, also performed a number of songs live in the studio with Kat Black. The duo, who are pictured here, perform under the name The Time Travel Agents.

The full show, which was hosted by DJ John Elliott, is available to listen to on-line.

To hear the full two hour programme click on the player below:

Or to listen to just the hour of the show which focuses on Noel, click on the player below.

Radio 4: Last Word (2013)

BBC Radio 4's obituaries programme, Last Word, paid tribute to Noel Harrison on Sunday, October 27, 2013.

Using audio clips provided by, the show highlighted Noel's appearances on programmes such as The Andy Williams Show and Jimmy Durante Presents the Lennon Sisters and looked at his musical career.

The show also featured tributes to sculptor Sir Anthony Caro and comedian Felix Dexter. To listen to the full show, visit the BBC's website here.

Or, to listen just to the section of the programme about Noel, click on the player below.

BBC Radio Devon: Noel Harrison tribute (2013)

BBC Radio Devon ran a tribute to Noel on Wednesday, October 23, shortly after the singer's death.

The 25 minute show, presented by Judi Spiers, contained an interview the broadcaster had originally recorded with Noel in 2008.

During the interview, Noel looked back at his early career, his time growing up in Cornwall and his relationship with his father, Rex Harrison.

He also played a beautiful live version of Ralph McTell's song, Lunar Lullaby, which he had recorded for his album Hold Back Time in 2003.

To listen to the show click on the player below.

Southern FM: Australian radio special (2010)

Noel Harrison's music was the subject of a two hour special on the Australian radio station 88.3 Southern FM on Wednesday, 17, November 2010.

During the Purple Haze show, a range of Noel's music was played, covering the majority of his albums from the 1960s up to the present day.

Noel also gave a lengthy interview by phone from England and revealed he has been back in the studio in the past few days recording new material, including some country songs under the name 'Tex Harrison'.

The show, hosted by Nick Black, was also re-broadcast on Southern FM on Saturday November 27.


To listen to an edited version of the show, featuring just the interview with Noel, click on the player below. The track lasts about 35 minutes.

BBC Radio Devon interview (2009)

During a live interview with BBC Radio Devon on Monday May 11, 2009, Noel talked about everything from beekeeping and Steve McQueen to the new album he was working on and his life as a celebrity in the 1960s.

He also performed his new song, The Wind Blows Up My Trousers, and was interviewed for a separate article on the BBC's website, which can be found here.

To listen to the radio interview, click on the player below.

Soundart Radio: Interview (2009)

Noel Harrison performed a live session on the Devon radio station, Soundart Radio on March 18, 2009. During the show, which was hosted by Noel fan Merlin, Noel revealed he was working on a new album. He also played a new song which he had only written a few months earlier and sung the classic track, The Windmills of Your Mind.


To listen to the 50 minute show, click on the gadget below.