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Noel Harrison is Where the Girls Are (1968)

The one-off American TV special, Noel Harrison is Where the Girls Are, was broadcast on April 23, 1968.

The programme's guests included Cher and The Byrds as well as singer Barbara McNair and comedian Don Adams.

The show also featured performances from The Association, the group Tommy, Jimmy, Marilyn & Mitch and Don Peake's Big Band as well as several performances from Noel himself.

Flash, Bang, Wallop!

Noel's first number in the programme was Flash, Bang Wallop!

The song is from the musical, Half a Sixpence, which Noel performed in America during 1967.

The show had been made famous by Tommy Steele, who also appeared in the film, which was made in 1967.

Gentle on My Mind

One of Noel's best performances in the programme was his version of the well known song Gentle on My Mind.

Other famous versions of the song, which was written in 1968, have been sung by Dean Martin, Glenn Campbell, Elvis and Johnny Cash.

Let's Not

After performing the solo song Sunny, Cher joined Noel to sing Let's Not.

The comedy song, which is sung in a music hall style, was recorded again by Noel later in 1968 for his album Santa Monica Pier.

Good Day Sunshine

Noel is joined by The Byrds and Barbara McNair for a version of the Beatles song Good Day Sunshine.

The song is from the 1966 Beatles album Revolver.

Promotional Single

To promote the screening of Noel Harrison is Where the Girls Are, the show's sponsors, fabric makers Celanese, released a single lifted from the programme.

Unfortunately, they chose not to release the rather nice opening music, a track called The Pied Piper. Instead, they put out a song Noel performed half way through the programme which was also called Where the Girls are.

The track, which veers from music hall, to rag-time, was one of Noel's weakest performances in the show.

Where the Girls Are (listen)


A black and white promotional picutre for the show issued to the press by NBC.

Colour pictures


Although Noel Harrison is Where the Girls Are was filmed in colour, the only remaining footage is in black and white. These colour photographs however show what the programme would have looked like in colour.

Noel with members of the all-female audience.

Noel sitting in the area where his duet with Cher was filmed. This picture was probably taken during a break in recording.