Noel Harrison

The Windmills of Your


Although he is probably most well known for his music, Noel Harrison also appeared in a number of films during his career, including parts alongside Oliver Reed, Richard Gere and David Niven.

Despite admitting he "always acted for money and sang for fun" he continued to appear on both television and in films, making his last movie appearance in The Murder in China Basin in 1999.

The Murder in China Basin (1999)

Noel plays an eccentric, wealthy musician in The Murder in China Basin and his murder forms the central plot of the film.Critics praised Noel’s performance and noted the film “loses steam and direction when Harrison's character is murdered.”

Noel wrote and performed two original songs for the soundtrack.

Both the film and the soundtrack are available to buy.

Deja Vu (1997)

In Deja Vu, Noel plays John Stoner in a film which sees an American shop owner (Victoria Foyt) and a London painter (Stephen Dillane) meet and fall in love, despite having other lovers.

The film is available on DVD.

Power (1986)

In the Richard Gere political thriller directed by Sidney Lumet, Noel plays sleazy journalist Leonard Thompson.

His character is referred to a number of times in the film, but he only makes one on-screen appearance, in the short clip above.

The film also starred Julie Christie, Gene Hackman and Denzel Washington.

The film is available on DVD.

Take a Girl Like You (1970)

The film which Noel was shooting when Windmills of Your Mind was awarded its Oscar. The comedy stars Hayley Mills and Oliver Reed.

Based on the novel by Kingsley Amis, it sees schoolteacher Jenny (Mills), faced with a number of suitors including Reed and Harrison.

Critics described the film as a very likeable romantic comedy.

The film is available on DVD.

Where the Spies Are (1965)

Noel plays the character Jackson, in a pretty good spy film which stars David Niven as a British secret agent sent to Lebanon to investigate the murder of his colleague.

All of Noel's scenes are played alongside the famous British actor John Le Mesurier. The story was taken from the James Leasor novel Passport To Oblivion.

The film is available on DVD.

The Amorous Adventures of Moll Flanders (1965)

Noel makes only a short appearance in this reasonable costume drama, which is based on Daniel Defoe's 1722 novel, Moll Flanders.

He plays one of a gang of troublemakers in a bar and appears only in the clip above.

The film starred Kim Novak and Angela Lansbury.

It is available to watch online.

Hot Enough For June (1964)

Dirk Bogarde starred as a Czech-speaking writer unwittingly hired by the British Secret Service for a mission in Prague.

The film, which was unfairly criticised by critics at the time, is a reasonable spy spoof.

Noel only appears in one scene, playing Bogarde's friend, Johnnie, alongside Derek Nimmo.

The film is available on DVD.

Tiara Tahiti (1962)

Noel made only a brief, un-credited appearance in this comedy drama starring James Mason and John Mills.

The film tells the story of the culture-clash between Mills and Mason's army officers during the war and their reunion on Tahiti years later.

It is available on DVD.

The Best of Enemies (1962)

Billed as 'one of the great comedies of all time', this film is unfortunately far from it.

Noel plays Lt Hilary in the World War II spoof which sees David Niven's RAF plane crash in the Ethiopian desert, only to be met by an enemy Italian patrol.

Noel only makes two appearances in the film, his longest scene is in the clip above.

The film is available on DVD, but is rare.