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Throughout his long career, Noel Harrison featured countless times in newspapers and magazines across the world.

While Noel himself did not collect a large archive of cuttings, an American fan did during the 1960s, which he passed on to the singer.

In 2011, Noel made this archive available to and a selection of the articles, dating from 1966 to 1967 is now available to read here. But please note, these documents are photocopies of photocopies, so in some areas, the text can be somewhat difficult to read.

To flick through the newspaper cuttings in Noel's personal archive, click here:


Following Noel's death in October 2013, the vast majority of Britain's newspapers and music magazines featured lengthy obituaries.

To read a collection of the articles, simply click here.

Countless international newspapers and websites also wrote tributes to Noel.

To read the on-line tributes, click on the following links: The Telegraph Irish Independent Chicago Tribune Los Angeles Times.

Shindig Article:

Also available to read here is a six page feature about Noel Harrison which was included in the November, 2011 edition of Shindig magazine.Just click here to read it.

The Shindig article was written for the magazine, which specialises in music from the 1960s, in collaboration with

It features a number of revelations about Harrison's life and music, including his view on how drugs impacted on his music and his move into script-writing for pornographic films in the 1990s.

Further Reading:

As well as the articles from Noel Harrison's personal collection above, a large number of archive newspaper articles about Noel have been collected together on-line by Google.

To read the articles, simply click on the newspapers below.

Ottawa Citizen - April 22, 1965

Rex's eldest son sings in New York

A review of Noel Harrison's performance at the Living Room in New York. The article also discusses his relationship with his father, Rex Harrison.text

Life Magazine - February 25, 1966

Noel Harrison steps out of a shadow

A feature looking at Noel's family life, following his move to America.

The Calgary Herald - September 16, 1966

Noel Harrison: former nomad

Noel discusses his singing career, his first studio album and his upcoming television show, The Girl From UNCLE.

Schenectady Gazette - April 15, 1967

Noel Harrison a non-conformist - disorganisation is his way of life

Noel discusses his music, living in Hollywood and recording The Girl From UNCLE.

The Press-Courier - February 18, 1968

Noel Harrison is still reaching for TV stardom

Noel looks back at his time living in America and his time working at the Blue Angel club in London. He also talks about his latest appearance in a musical version of Robin Hood and the suggestion The Girl From UNCLE was 'a flop'.

The Sunday Sun - November 13, 1969

The name is Noel Harrison: Rex's son sings and plays with no gimmicks

A live review of Noel performing in front of a sell-out audience.

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette - April 2, 1980

Noel Harrison clearly thinks for himself

The article looks at Noel's move to Nova Scotia to live a more rural life and his time spent appearing in plays across America. It also looks at his decision to appear in My Fair Lady, which famously starred his father.

Lewiston Morning Tribune - June 19, 1990

Harrison remembered for charm, wit

Noel Harrison pays tribute to his father, Rex Harrison, who had died on June 2,