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As the majority of Noel Harrison's television appearances were recorded in the 1960s and 1970s, many have unfortunately been either deleted or lost over time.

Through, we have tracked down much of this lost footage and made clips available on our YouTube channel.  

Fortunately some of the programmes we have not been able to find have also been preserved in the archives of the original broadcasters.

Listed here are details of the television appearances made by Noel which are known to still exist in the vaults.

The British Film Institute

At their archives in central London, the BFI holds recordings of many UK appearances made by Noel Harrison.

The collection includes a number of his films which are commercially available, but it also includes several television programmes which do not exist anywhere else.

Working with the BFI has made these programmes available to view by members of the public at its base at the Southbank in London. 

Below are details of programmes featuring Noel which can now be seen at the BFI's Southbank centre.

For more information and for details on how to view the collection, visit the BFI's website

Kind to Everyone (1962 - BFI Collection)

Part of the Thirty Minute Theatre television series of weekly plays, Kind to Everyone was recorded on May 15, 1962 and broadcast on ITV in the UK just eight days later.

In the production, Noel plays Ninian Upton, a conman who tries to rip-off members of his family. The unusual play ends with Noel's character setting up a company which offers burials at sea.

Spotlight (1967 - BFI Collection)

The variety show, Spotlight, was filmed in London and broadcast in both Britain and America on October 8, 1967.

On the show with Noel was British comedian Benny Hill and singer and actress Abbe Lane.

Each performer had their own section, with Lane singing Big Spender and Hill performing a number of sketches while Noel sang live versions of Mrs Williams Rose from his 1967 album Collage and Tomorrow is My Turn from the previous year's Noel Harrison album.

Noel also performed a very unusual version of the Jet Song from West Side Story wearing a bowler hat and a suit before singing Folksonova, a duet with Abbe Lane.

As well as the recording of the programme in the BFI's archives, an off-air audio recording also exists among collectors. That recording includes Folksonova, which can be heard here:

The Rolf Harris Show (1969 - BFI Collection)

With The Windmills of Your Mind riding high in the UK charts, Noel appeared on the prime-time BBC variety show hosted by the since disgraced TV star, Rolf Harris, on March 29, 1969.

Noel only appeared briefly in the programme, where he was introduced by Harris as a star of the Girl From Uncle before performing The Windmills of Your Mind as seen in this video.

It was long thought that this performance was from Top of the Pops, but the BFI's archive recording shows it was actually taken from the Rolf Harris Show. It is still the only known footage of Noel singing his most famous song during the 1960s and is often shown by the BBC as part of TV programmes covering 1960s music.

The Dickie Henderson Show (1971 - BFI Collection)

Noel appeared on the variety show hosted by British comedian Dickie Henderson on March 31, 1971.

Other guests on the programme included British dancer and TV personality Lionel Blair and a knife thrower.

Noel was introduced on the programme as an international singer, actor and skier before going on to perform a beautiful version of Kris Kristofferson's song, Me and Bobby McGee. This is the only time Noel is known to have performed this particular song.

As well as singing, Noel also took part in a comedy dance competition with Lionel Blair and Dickie Henderson.

An off-air recording of Noel's version of Me and Bobby McGee can be heard here:

The Val Doonican Show (1972 - BFI Collection)

Noel made one appearance on the Irish crooner Val Doonican's long-running BBC show on April 15, 1972. 

The programme was supposedly filmed live from Warwick Castle in England, but the areas where the guests appear look very much like a studio set.

During the programme, Noel performed in several sketches and musical numbers with Doonican and the show's other star guest, British actress Beryl Reid.

For his main performance, Noel sang one of his own compositions, Dog Beach. The song was recorded for the unreleased Essex Tapes sessions and the performance on the Val Doonican Show is the only known live recording of the song.

Before he sang, Noel was introduced by Doonican as a former star of the BBC's Tonight programme, where he performed topical songs about the day's news during the late 1950s, with Doonican admitting that he had auditioned for the same part, but lost out to Noel.

CBC Archives

Noel regularly appeared on television in Canada before he actually moved to the country, but his move there in 1972 meant he was a regular on Canadian TV screens until the late 1980s.

While a lot of his appearances remain in the CBC archives, unfortunately very few clips have been released.

What remains in the CBC archive is listed below.

This surviving footage in the archive no way represents everything Noel ever recorded for CBC, for example his own programme, Take Time with Noel Harrison, is believed to be lost, despite two series being made.

The O'Keefe Centre Presents the Rock Scene - Like it is (1967 - CBC Archive)

Noel hosted this one-off musical special, which was broadcast on October 16, 1967.

Guests included the likes of Jefferson Airplane and Dionne Warwick, but the show became well known for an appearance by The Doors, where the group played a fantastic version of The End.

Noel did not sing on the show, but between the acts he spoke about modern pop music.

Thanks to the performance by The Doors, this programme has been available on DVD for some time.

Late Luncheon (1967 - CBC Archive)

Noel appeared once on the long-running CBC talk show which was hosted by Elwood Glover.

In the episode broadcast on August 31, 1967, Noel spoke about his work on the Girl From UNCLE and about his childhood.

CBC has released some clips of the programme, but nothing yet featuring Noel Harrison.

Take 30 (1968 - CBC Archives)

Take 30 was a series which ran in Canada from 1962 to 1984.

Noel appeared on the 30-minute programme on December 3, 1968, when he talked about his life, family and career as well as his upcoming role in the play Joe Egg at the Royal Alexandra Theatre in Toronto.

CBC has released some clips of the programme, but nothing yet featuring Noel Harrison.

The Day It Is (1968 - CBC Archives)

Noel appeared twice on the public affairs show The Day It Is in December 1968.

His first appearance on December 4, saw him discuss his upcoming performance in the play Joe Egg, his love of music, his childhood and his future plans. He also performed two songs, including the title track from his album The Great Electric Experiment is Over.

In his second appearance on the programme on December 31, 1968, Noel briefly discussed his New Year's Resolutions.

CBC have released some clips from the programme, but none of Noel.

Mr Dressup (1976 - CBC Archives)

Noel appeared once on the popular Canadian children's television programme Mr Dressup, in an episode called Casey's Cafe.

In the episode, broadcast on September 6, 1976, Noel played guitar and sang songs in a pretend cafe

The show ran on CBC from 1967 to 1996. Some episodes have been released on DVD, but not the one featuring Noel.

90 Minutes Live (1977 - CBC Archives)

Two years ahead of the release of his album Mount Hanley Song, Noel appeared on the October 24, 1977 edition of 90 Minutes Live and played songs which would eventually appear on the album.

Alongside the album's producer, Mendelson Joe, Noel performed the tracks Do What You Do and Spread it Around, both of which would be included on a single in 1979.

CBC regularly posts clips of the programme here, but so far nothing of Noel's appearance has been released.

Canada After Dark (1978 - CBC Archives)

A year before the release of his album Mount Hanley Song, Noel appeared on the late night entertainment programme Canada After Dark on October 18, 1978, when he performed two songs which would eventually appear on the album.

As well as discussing his life in Nova Scotia, Noel performed The Man Who Broke the Bank at Monte Carlo and the beautiful title track from Mount Hanley Song. 

CBC have released some clips from Canada After Dark, but none featuring Noel.

The Phoenix Team (1980 - CBC Archives)

The Phoenix team was a drama which aired on CBC for seven episodes in 1980.

Noel appeared in an episode called The Fourth Man, which saw the Phoenix Team battle a British Intelligence double-agent who was leaking documents to the Russians

The programme has not been released on DVD.

Canadian Express (1980 - CBC Archives)

A one-hour variety show which introduced viewers to performers from across Canada.

The August 15, 1980 edition from Halifax, was a tribute to children and parents.

Filmed at his home in Nova Scotia, Noel was joined by a group of children, including his son Will and daughter Chloe. He performed the songs Hooray For Mommy and Scarlet Ribbons.

The Winners (1982 - CBC Archives)

The Winners was a biographical drama series which aired in Canada in 1982.

Noel appeared in one episode about the life of the former editor of the Winnipeg Free Press, John Wesley Dafoe.

The programme was broadcast on March 7, 1982.

Newshour (1988 - CBC Archives)

Noel appeared on the Canadian news programme, Newshour, on June 23, 1988 as part of the promotion for a play he was in called Sullivan and Gilbert.

He was shown onstage with co-star Fritz Weaver and the writer of the play, Ken Ludwig was interviewed.

The Paley Center for Media

The Paley Center for Media in New York was set up to celebrate the best of television and digital content. It includes the largest public archive of its kind, with more than 160,000 programs available to watch in the centre.

The collection includes several programmes featuring Noel Harrison which are not available anywhere else.

The Jerry Lewis Show (1968 - The Paley Center for Media)

Noel Harrison appeared three times on the American comedian and actor, Jerry Lewis's, hour-long NBC TV show.

One episode from February 28, 1969 is in the archives of, while another from December 17, 1968 is no longer in the public domain.

Noel's first appearance on the programme, from January 23, 1968 does exist however in the Paley Center for Media's archive.

On the programme, Noel features alongside actress Thelma Ritter and performs the song Ring Around the Rosie Rag from his album Santa Monica Pier as well as the Donovan song, the Tinker and the Crab.

Noel is pictured here with Jerry Lewis  in a publicity photograph from the episode.

For more on Noel's appearances on the Jerry Lewis Show, visit the show's dedicated page.

Hallelujah, Leslie! (1968 - Paley Center for Media)

Noel Harrison appeared alongside American actor Robert Morse in this one-off variety special hosted by American actress and singer Leslie Uggams.

Noel performed his cover of the Beatles song Woman, which he had recorded for his album Collage in 1967.

He also sang the song Talking to Yourself with Morse and the Beatles song We Can Work it Out with Uggams.

He is pictured here in a publicity picture for the programme with Uggams and Morse.

The Legend of Robin Hood (1968 - The Paley Center for Media)

The Paley Center owns the only know video recording of The Legend of Robin Hood, which featured Noel as the character Alan-a-Dale.

Noel's main part in the programme was to perform a series of songs linking the various scenes of the famous Robin Hood story.

Aside from the video recording in the Paley Center, has an off-air audio recording of the show from the time of its original broadcast.

To read more about the programme and to listen to a short audio clip, visit the Acting page.